Our Core Values / DNA

While we are constantly striving to improve and articulate the core values, these are generally the “Why” behind how we make our decisions. It is the culture that we’re striving to build at The Fresh Church.


We are a church that focus on building and strengthening the family structure in a holistic way.


Christ came to liberate us. We believe in the freedom to express our devotion to Jesus Christ in various ways as it is expressed in the bible. Freedom in worshipping, serving and everyday living.


We believe in being open, honest and integral. We believe in moral uprightness as defined by the bible.


The foundation of everything that we are; a community who show love and compassion towards one another.


We take the scripture Matthew 25:35 literally and to heart. Our mission is to reach those that are lost, left out, and less fortunate. We understand that everyone will not come to us, so we must meet people where they are.