Our Story

Three years ago it was a thought, a feeling,  a desire, a pulling of that inner voice from God. We can describe it  in many different ways but, all in all, we had a sense that God wanted us to start a life-giving church in the heart of the Hollywood area. We never intended on being “church planters” but as we continued to serve God, His desire for us became more clearer. He spoke to us a phrase that we will never forget. He said, “You launch it, I will land it”. After hearing that, we knew exactly that God was nudging us to plant a church. The next discussion would be location.  Pastor Joey was raised in Hollywood FL,  and for the longest time felt the need to be a blessing to that city in some capacity. We love Hollywood. We feel called to leverage our lives and make a difference in this city. Gratefully, this is the place where a lot of our family and friends live as well. With no idea how it was going to happen,  it was clear that we were called to impact Hollywood FL and the surrounding areas.

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After taking time to pray, process, and prepare personally, we sensed that in 2015 we would launch the church with faith and assurance. God told us specifically to “Launch it” and He will “Land it”. So the “how” is not up to us. It all begin to make sense as we continued to move on what God had shown us. Through this process, He has provided every step of the way. By God’s grace we have impacted the community through what we love to do, Outreach: Providing over 100 homeless individuals with “Fresh Care Packages” ,feeding families who are less fortunate through food donations to our local shelters and regularly visiting different facilities that house “at risk” teens/young adults. These types of ministry initiatives are what the Fresh Church is all about. Showing the love of Jesus in a Real, Relevant and Refreshing way.

We are thankful for every person praying for us, supporting us and joining the launch team. Most of all, we’re humbled that God would chose us to lead this fresh movement in the city of Hollywood Fl.

Starting anything is always a process, and that’s where our story is right now… in process. We’re working to connect with people, build a launch team, and raise the funds needed to launch The Fresh Church. We invite you to become a part of the story. You can pray, give, or even join the team that will be launching this new church, The Fresh Church will officially launch on April 05, 2015!!


    Our Mission is simply to be F.R.E.S.H.

      • Focus on the FAMILY
      • Revive the Soul
      • Enhance the Mind
      • Serve the Community
      • Heal through the Word of God



    The vision of The Fresh Church is to show and share the love of Christ in a Real, Relevant and Refreshing way.